Fads and Diets


Do you ever find yourself searching down the natural foods isle of the grocery store looking at the newest pills and powders? Products that are packed with your “daily-recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables”? Detox teas that will slim your waistline? Or just something to make up for your diet?… We all have. We all have spent money on those things too (whether we want to admit it or not).



As a health coach, I try and read up on as many different diets as possible. Not only to be able to discuss what clients potentially have already tried but to understand the basics of each diet and what they all truly boil down to. Well, I’m sorry to say but there is no perfect diet pill or fat burning fruit. Just plant based diets with organically raised, grass-fed meat and minimal processed foods and sugar. Did you ever find a diet that told you to eat Oreos for breakfast and pizza for dinner? Nope… (At least I hope not)



Having a sustainable meal plan is one of the most important things you can create to help you stick to your new lifestyle change. You can go from diet to diet each year and lose weight for 10 or 20 days but after that, what happens? You gain it all back because you went back to your normal eating. You’re potentially putting your body through a state of starvation while dieting, which causes cortisol (stress hormones) to increase. When this occurs, your body believes it is truly starving which then causes you to hold onto fat more the next time you do eat. Lifestyle changes rather than dieting is where you will achieve lifelong goals. I like to call it “attain and sustain”. These changes are attainable, meaning they are reachable and within your power to do so. Sustaining meaning that you can achieve these lifestyle changes and stick with them for the long run. The best part about this is that everyone is different so play around with your diet! Some people work well with eating smaller meals more frequently through the day while others work best with intermittent fasting and not eating for 18 hours. Have a busy schedule? Incorporate meal and ingredient prepping (we will talk about that more next time). It helps you stay on track and not go for junk food when you are in a time crunch.


Whether you are looking to prevent disease, take a holistic approach to an ailment or disease, lose weight, or simply incorporate healthier practices, look at your diet, personal life, and support system to see where things can improve. Don’t reach for the easy way out (pills, fads, diet teas, etc.) because they are not sustainable for the rest of your life. Reach for the whole nutritious foods. Grab a friend and have them keep you accountable for your actions. Share your plan and your goals with them. Together we can create the happy healthy lives we long for.


-Katie Smith

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach