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Dr. Sara Perry and Dr. Melissa Manilla are the only local
Functional Medicine Specialists with this dual training combination.

Meet Dr. Sara Perry

Dr. Sara Perry, is originally from Springfield, Ohio. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance at Kent State University.

She began dancing at a young age, and she has traveled to several venues across the country and internationally in Italy to study dance, as well as performed with several professional companies based in Ohio and Missouri.

She developed her passion for chiropractic during her time as a professional dancer when she realized the value of proper function and efficient movement in her performance.

She then went on to earn her Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees at Logan University.

She has worked with local dancers to develop rehabilitation programs unique to their needs, as well as worked with a variety of professional and semi-professional athletes based in St. Louis. 

Dr. Perry works with patients of all stages of life from infants to older adults, sometimes requiring gentle adjusting techniques. She has studied extensively under the ICPA (chiropractic pediatric) organization and enjoys working with pregnant women and children as a subspecialty. 

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What Do Other Doctors Say?

  • I work on a professional level with Dr. Perry, referring patients to her on a regular basis for treatment, and she is also my own personal chiropractor as well.

    Dr. Mike Miller Internal MD
  • Amazing Doctor, amazing human being. Could not recommend more highly!!!!

    Dr. Clint Lin Dentist


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