Tony comes to Inspired Chiropractic & Wellness as an Active Rehab Specialist with a lengthy background and training in the field. He educates his patients with flexibility, balance and strengthening exercises, as well as provides a hands-on approach to stretching, where he assists your body achieve its most efficient alignment and movement, thus providing both physical rehabilitation and preventative maintenance.

In addition to the education he’s received to become an Active Rehab Specialist, he’s also learned Thai Massage, Clinical Hypnotism and Reiki along the way. He’s been a Personal Trainer, Self Defense and Group Exercise Instructor and currently holds a world record for the fastest marathon of someone with 2 artificial hips (actually, 3 hip replacements). If anyone knows how to come back from adversity when armed with the proper education and dedication, it’s Tony. He looks forward to assisting you in your orthopedic, wellness and performance needs!