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I found Dr. Sara and I could not be happier that I finally saw her! She has helped with my migraines, my sleep, my weight, my pain, my muscle issues, and my overall health! Dr. Sara is so welcoming, kind, understanding, and honestly listens. She’s so passionate about her work and gives great advice!

Not only do I sing the praises of Dr. Sara, but of Katie too! Katie is the health coach at Inspired and she has had a huge impact on my overall well-being as well. Katie is so patient, kind, knowledgeable, and inventive and has gotten me on the path to a better life. She has helped me transform my diet into one that is actually good for my body, she has taught me creative ways to organize my life, and has given me the tools to realize my own self worth.
— Theresa

“Dr Perry is amazing!! She adjusted me throughout my whole pregnancy and it was perfect! The moment I started having sciatica pains due to my pregnancy, she helped! And I didn’t have any pains for the rest of my pregnancy. Dr Perry now adjust my baby and has helped him with his constipation
and sleeping. She is very personable and easy to talk to! I highly recommend Dr Perry to anyone!”
— brynn
“Dr. Perry has done wonders for my family. She has treated my kids from the time they were newborns helping them to eat, sleep, poop, etc. Highly recommend!”
— erika

Dr. Sara is incredible! Her office is so friendly and inviting and she really helps me feel my best! She is easy to contact and work with and helps you schedule treatments and payments that are personalized to your needs. I highly recommend her to everyone I know.
— Tamara

Dr. Sara is the best! I have a bad knee which causes my back to go out of alignment from time to time. She was more than willing to make time for me to get an adjustment outside of office hours because she truly cares that much about helping her patients. She’s very knowledgeable and is super easy to talk to... she listens and genuinely wants to help her patients get better! Highly recommend!
— Chrissa

I have been having some issues with my sciatica and thought a Chiropractor would help. From my first visit until now I have been blown away about the level of service that this office provides. First Dr. Sara wanted to understand what was going on and where my issues were. Then she walked me through her recommendation and how she can help. During my visits she has provided me with a plan to relieve my pain and it is working. Her plan consisted of not only re-aligning my spine but also setting me up with a stretching and exercise program to make sure my body can support the alignment. Another great feature that Dr.Sara offers is her email support. You can email her with issues or questions and she will follow back up with you quickly.

I highly recommend Dr.Sara because not only is she good at what she does but she has an investment in your health and wants you to get better.
— Mike