Nic Bronkall is a massage therapist and performance enhancement specialist who looks to utilize his skills and expertise developed working with everyone from high-level athletes to those, who lead active lifestyles trying to improve their quality of life, and those that are in pain which has kept them from doing the things that they love. 

He brings his experience as a coach, clinician, competitive athlete, former paramedic, and everyday human to better understand the unique needs of each patient and provide personalized, self-sustainable solutions to their problems.

His approach to treatment is to work with you to understand your personal needs. From there, he will help you to identify any underlying issues and develop the best plan of action to get you where you want to be.

He is a proud graduate of Cleveland State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Science. He is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Ohio and a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA, the governing body of the strength and conditioning community.