What Fears Are Holding You Back From Starting Your Functional Medicine Journey?

Have a listen to my audiobook with me this morning. This is big magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. She’s talking about the importance of living a creative life. The importance of play and joy and creativity completely separate from the result, the recognition, the profitability or the acceptance by society.

How many of you prioritize creativity and play in your life? I know it’s the first thing to go in my relationships when things get stressful. I know I forget to touch base and connect with my employees when I’m focused on trying to get through the day. And I know that when I don’t think I’ll be good for the best at some thing, it’s my number one reason for not doing it or quitting. Can you relate?

I’m assuming you’ve heard of Brené Brown. Her life‘s work has ended up being a lot about wholeheartedness. How to be a happy person with a full life and heart. Creativity and play is one of the biggest pieces her research shows is important. So no, I’m not talking about goofing around and wasting time to feel all hippie dippy about your life. I’m talking about something that seriously helps you heal from the inside out. It’s been proven. I think a great place to start is by examining what fierce your mind is playing on repeat in the back of your head.

Add inspired, we help with your mindset through mindset visits and examining your thoughts. We help with cane and nervous system regulation with Chiropractic. We balance the energies through your body and further heal the energy moving through your body with acupuncture. And we use functional medicine testing to get specific answers about the function or dysfunction in your body. We use honest communication and evidence-based protocols to help you get better truly and wholly. #Inspired #mindset #functionalmedicine