What Do You Think About When You Get Home?

What do you think about when you get home? . It can be such a bad habit to run through your mind thinking about what you didn’t accomplish rather than focusing on what you rocked at. . Personally I’m always thinking about how I can improve. Not because I’m not enough already. But because I want it to feel easy and seamless to be my best everyday. . The habits I have and the mindset I adapt are either going to make it easier or harder for me. . So I’m eating clean meat with a bunch of veggies for dinner. And I’m going to stretch and foam roll before bed. I’m going to express gratitude for everything I can think of. I’ll probably cry about something that is making me sad instead of ignoring and storing that emotion so it can sneak up on me later when I’m not prepared. And of course I’m going to snuggle my dog. 🥰

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